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Riley Wimes Jr. has provided great atmosphere and recorded music for corporate events, weddings, and nightclubs in a professional presentation for the past seven years. His extensive music collection includes the popular hits of today as well as great music from the previous eight decades dating back to the twenties.

Riley, also a professional dancer and dance instructor, attributes his natural love for music and 'party' nature for his great gift of reading and pleasing his crowd. His knowledge of music is an acquired knowledge from living the music rather than from learning the music.

Born in the sixties, raised in the seventies, matured in the eighties, and having heard all of it repeated in the nineties and into the new millennium, gives partial validation to his last statement. In addition to actually living in those decades, Riley grew accustomed to listening to his choices from the swing, jazz, and rock and roll eras played throughout his home through radio and records. He has also danced extensively to music from the latter category (swing dancing), thus living the music he actually plays.

While he does boast a sizable collection, he admits that you can never have everything. In order to fully service his client, Riley will meet with and discuss your specific needs and requests.

In addition to the music he plays, Riley has a very dynamic and charismatic voice that establishes control of a crowd so the delivery of any intended message, will be fully received by the audience.

Riley can be seen (in action) at The Willowbrook Ballroom every Sunday. He and his partner teach beginning students the basics of swing dancing and then he provides recorded music for dancing the night away. Even though this is a night specifically devoted to swing dancing, you can get a feel for how he operates and handles his audience.

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