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Young-Jin and Gina at Top of the Mark.

Riley and Nicolle groove to the Atomic Cocktails.

Corey and Jen at Top of the Mark.

Julie and Nicolle showing some sass!

Margot, James, Corey, Erik and Jen wait for Marc to give us a ride to the Hi-Ball.

Young-Jin and Margot beating each other with fake gifts.

The whole group stops for a final picture at Top of the Mark. Want to see a bigger version of this one? Click here.

Margot dancing with Lee at the Hi-Ball.

Peter and Gina dance at the Hi-Ball. They were so good, that Spencer kept spinning till way past his bedtime.

What a swing-out! This time Gina's with Kevin.

Nicolle and Chad get down. If Nicolle's lucky, Chad will pull his hat over his eyes and dance blind!

Mary, Chad, Jodi and Ken are still dancing like fiends at Lori's early Monday morning.

Marc: "So, Riley, you ready to get on that plane back to Chicago?"

Riley: "Damn! I don't want to leave."

Even Peter the kamikaze dancer is tired now. Julie and Margot struggle to support their punk friend.

Erik and Ken join the Chicago crowd at a cafe in the airport at 5 a.m. Monday morning. Both reported in for a very productive day at work just a few hours later.

Margot and Nicolle sleep on the airport floor, oblivious to numerous forms of harrassment.

Erik prepares to strike a sleeping Margot.

Corey, Ken and Erik attempt to crush a sleeping Margot.

Mary and Kevin recall the entire weekend while the rest of us sleep on the plane.

Back at O'Hare, we hang out at the baggage claim, waiting for Ken to show up.

And that marks the end of what went down in history as the first-ever Lindy Exchange!!!