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Big Tyme Presents...
The 2nd Annual Windy City Blues Dancing Championships

Contest Kickoff: Thursday, May 16, 2002
Contest Length: 2-3 weeks from start date
Time: 11pm
Where: Rumors, 4500 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL
Registration Form: click here

The Rules of The Blues

  • Each couple will pay a $20.00 entry fee
  • Each person pays a regular cover charge for admission the night of (cover will only be $5 for contestants, whether students or not). If you qualify and you are invited to continue in the competition, you will not be charged additional cover.
  • Each couple will consist of one male and one female
  • The qualifying round will be the first week. If our response is overwhelming we will qualify couples the first two weeks.
  • The participants that dance in the qualifying rounds will dance in heats (3-4 couples a heat). The winners will be picked from the overall pool of dancers. There will be no winners of heats. Heats are only smaller groupings to make the judging easier.
  • The contestants will dance to two songs in a heat lasting no longer than three minutes in length for each song. They will have a slow blues, and a selection with a faster tempo. All selections will fall 120 bpm and below.
  • In the final round, those who have been selected as qualifiers will dance to 2 tracks: one that they select, and one selected by the DJ. For your own selection (must be 120 bpm or slower), choreography is acceptable but not mandatory. For the selection that the DJ picks, it will be a tempo that offsets the tempo of what you pick (but neither selection should exceed 120bpm). Each contestantís selection should be at least 120 seconds no more than 180 seconds.
    IN OTHER WORDS: If you pick a faster blues selection on your own, the second selection that you dance to, which is the DJ's choice, will be a slower tempo. If you start with a slower tempo, the DJ will offset with a faster one.
  • If you decide to choreograph your routine to a music medley (one which includes two or more songs with significant tempo changes), or one song with a definite tempo change, there will be no need to dance to anything by the DJ. You must make your piece at least three minutes and no more than four minutes in length if the latter is the case.
  • If you dance to a straight selection (No medley or significant tempo changes), your maximum length should be three minutes, no less than two.
  • Contestants will be penalized for bpm and time violations. 3 violations by the same couple will equal a disqualification.
  • Judging is calculated by a point system. Those with the most points place. At least three couples go to the finals, but that number is not definite. The winner takes all!
Couples compete for a $500 grand prize -- winner takes all!

If you plan to compete, please print this registration form and mail it in to guarantee your spot in the competitors' lineup.

Let the games begin!